Paragon Personnel has built relationships with some of the City’s most prestigious and well respected companies to include world leading investment banks, global financial institutions, private equity firms, insurance, corporate blue chip companies and boutique specialists.  These companies are at the top of their industry sector and are able to offer you excellent working environments and great long-term career prospects.

We understand that finding a new job, is a job in itself!  Our aim is to make your search as straight forward as possible.  Our experienced consultants will devote their full attention and efforts in supporting you through your job search.  We do this by identifying your specific requirements, advising you on the current market, fully preparing you for each interview and managing your expectations, to ensure that we can partner you with a company where you will excel, in a role that you will enjoy.

The feedback we get from candidates is that they feel we are a close knit team, who are very approachable and personable, putting you at ease.  Candidates like the fact that they are not “a number” and when they call, our team know who you are.  We are prepared to go the extra mile to secure you the perfect position.

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Dress to impress      Corporate smart presentation makes the best first impression. You feel confident and the client sees you as professional.

Know your CV      Sounds obvious! However, you need to be able to confidently and concisely bring your CV/experience to life. Whilst the interviewer can read the details, this is your time to demonstrate your skills, personality, and individuality and how you manage your day/tasks.

Research the company      Clients want to see enthusiasm and know why you want to join their company. Research the Division as well as the company. Clients don’t just want a list of facts and figures and appreciate someone who has solid reasons and genuine interest in the role/company.

Strengths and weaknesses      Be prepared to be asked – what can you bring to the role/company; why are you the best person for the job; what would your previous boss/es say about you? All these are leading to the same answers. This is your time to shine! Simply highlight points that you can deliver, giving examples maybe from a previous appraisal or comments from your boss/es to validate your attributes (confidentiality/reliability /organisation and /or communication skills etc.). Also be ready to give an area to improve on/weakness. This needs to be managed carefully & generally one developmental response will be enough!

Body language      Good posture, eye contact and a smile along with a firm handshake is the starting point. Once you are in the interview remained poised, get your personality across and show enthusiasm for the role and company. We get feedback where a candidate can sometimes become too relaxed or too stiff, remember if you were interviewing for someone to work with you, you would want to get a sense of them fitting in.

Questions      Have a few questions to ask about the role/team/co culture to demonstrate your interest in the role. Equally this is your interview to ensure the role is right for you.

Be on time      Again sounds obvious but being late will create a bad first impression. Make sure to pre-plan your route and aim to be there at least 15minutes prior. If there has been a train cancelation etc. be sure to apologise/ideally ring us so we can pre-warn the client.


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